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This game will allow you to visit a variety of tourist attractions scattered around fourteen communes of Greater Poland (Wielkopolska). The places included in the game are obviously not all of the locations which are worth visiting. It is therefore recommended that, while playing the game, you also explore other attractions offered by the individual communes.

The game can be played at any time, regardless of the opening hours of individual facilities (such as the Palace in Rogalin), although it is worth planning the trip in such a way that you may explore the places you visit more thoroughly.

All of the locations presented in the game can be accessed from the Bicycle Ring which encircles the city of Poznań.

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The present game will lead you to places which are definitely worth seeing, even if they are less frequented by tourists due to their distance from the city centre. While playing the game, you will see many different neighbourhoods of the city of Poznań, full of charming nooks and crannies and steeped in rich, fascinating history.

The game can be played at any time, regardless of the opening hours of individual facilities (such as museums), although it is worth planning the trip in such a way that you may explore the places you visit more thoroughly.

Although the locations included in the game are scattered around the city of Poznań, the distance between individual locations remains moderate. The most convenient way of travelling between these locations is to ride a bicycle, although you can also choose to go for a slightly longer walk.

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You are about to begin a critically important mission, the results of which may determine the fate of the world itself! Four scientists from the Albert Einstein Space-time Research Institute in Poznań have discovered a way to gain entry into a space „beyond time”. By way of an experiment, they have embarked upon their first journey, choosing Poznań as its destination. Sadly, on this very first journey beyond time something has happened – something nobody could have foreseen. During the research journey, someone has stolen Emperor Otto the Third’s imperial crown before the symbolic crowning of King Bolesław Chrobry.

It is not difficult to see what consequences could this event bring in its wake. If Chrobry never becomes king, history itself may be changed forever! All hope now rests in the hands of the investigators, who have gathered all the necessary information and must now find the scientists and save the world! Perhaps it is you who will reclaim the imperial crown?

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Ostrów Tumski in Poznań – its name literally meaning “Cathedral Island” – has, for over a thousand years, remained a site of important developments for our country. It was here that the first ruler of Poland – Mieszko I – has built his settlement, and it was here that the very first of Polish bishops – Jordan – established his seat.

In the 16th century, Jan Lubrański, the bishop of Poznań, has established a school on the island, known as the Academy due to the high quality of tuition provided. At the times of the Prussian Partition, fortifications were erected on the Cathedral Island, including the Radziwiłł Fort and the Dom Schleuse (“Cathedral Lock”), parts of which have survived until this day. More information on this unique part of Poznań can be found on the information board located at the junction of Panny Marii and Ostrów Tumski streets.

A few years ago Ostrów Tumski in Poznań has become the area of the first urban game designed for individual play. The game tells a story of Ostrów Tumski and the surrounding area seen in the light of a certain... testament.

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Imagine you are a member of one of the secret organizations which operate in the vicinity of the city of Poznań. Your goal is to provide other clandestine associations with a code word that will serve as a signal to take up arms. You have just learned that the events in Poznań are unfolding faster than anticipated. The time is now. You need to act.

You open the envelope containing your instructions and then it turns out that the code word has, for the sake of security, been encrypted; in order to decipher it, you need to learn the meaning of a number of symbols. Fortunately, you have plenty of opportunities to learn their meaning. All you need to do is to choose a path that will allow you to inform other conspirators of the need to act as fast as possible! Good luck!

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After years of enslavement, filled with enthusiasm, ready for anything, they have waited for the right time to come. THE TIME OF PATRIOTS. The above words refer to the Poles – a nation which for over 120 years has dreamt of regaining its independence, lost utterly in 1795 as a result of the Three Partitions of Poland, performed by the neighbouring powers – Prussia, Austria and Russia. After many failed attempts, the end of World War I brought about an opportunity to regain freedom at last. The German defeat during the war resulted in an opportunity to reunite the region of Wielkopolska (Greater Poland) with the reborn Polish state. All that was missing was a spark – an impulse that would set things in motion. And then this impulse finally came – in the form of the arrival in Poznań of the world-famous Polish pianist and a candidate for the position of the Polish prime minister, Ignacy Paderewski. In an audacious move, Paderewski decided to come to Poznań in the company of army officers from countries which have won the war, despite the fact that the German authorities have forbidden him to do so.

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Over hundreds of years the inhabitants of cities wanting to develop areas of their lives tried to give it a unique character, to express their thoughts or even make the environment more aesthetic. This game is dedicated to this aspect of the city of Poznań. The popularity and class of monuments gathered around the Old Market made us look for less well-known space, and as it turned out just as much interesting...

The city - a place where, by definition, life passes faster - is not conducive to contemplation of its heritage. On the way home, work or school we often pass by the specific kinds of information from previous generations, practically not noticing them. And if we even notice them on the run, we are not able to read them properly. What if this information is something very important? A treasure thoughtlessly passed, that only needs to be reached out? We encourage you to consider this game in such way.